Minecraft players recreate planet Earth for the first time on a 1: 1 scale

I think every Minecraft player built, or at least tried, something from real life. But our story is about people who decided to reproduce something large-scale and build our entire planet on a 1: 1 scale, for those who do not know, a 1: 1 scale is the real size of the Earth at the moment! I’m sure some already thought it was some kind of joke or untruth, but I assure you, you should like it. You can play this minecraft map normally

Let’s start. Studying the history of Minecraft, I accidentally stumbled upon one English-language video associated with our game. The author of the video claims that with the help of two mods, Terra 1 to 1 and Cubic Chunks, it became possible to recreate the planet Earth in full size. The first mod allows you to recreate the landscape on Google Maps, taking into account biomes, vegetation and roads. The second – with the help of a rewritten system of chunks, abolishes the upper limit on construction. You can move around the map taking into account the coordinate system, similar to latitude and longitude.

The author of the video encourages all Minecraft fans to start re-creating cities on Earth. He himself will begin with Seattle, his hometown, which he will build in a creative mode. In the future, he is going to merge different pieces of cards of different players into one with like-minded people. In the comments below the video, they add that one of the enthusiasts in the project’s Discord server is already creating an algorithm for automatically generating buildings – according to data from Google Maps. It seems to me that this idea is already becoming global, and people from all over the world come in and build some kind of buildings in their cities and countries.

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